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Creating a virtual supercomputer at a fraction of the cost. As the decentralisation of applications continues, very few people realise that blockchain is not designed for heavy computing calculations, which DApps require.

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In today’s crypto world, there is an overwhelming amount of information because there is so many people looking for an advice on what to put their money into. However, the investment newsletters worth your attention are extremely scarce.

Before we write about a certain project, we make sure it passes our criteria. We always make sure that it has a solid team with experience and plenty of skills that are necessary for our investment to pay off and survive the test of time. The next aspect we analyse is the problem that a given team is trying to solve with their cryptocurrency. We dig deep to find out whether that problem is something that people struggle with or maybe just an artificially created obstacle only to justify the existence of another coin. If it’s a real problem, we research the market to see if there are solutions available and whether they could be massively improved. We also look for connections and unique characteristics that could help our investment beat the competition.