3 Major Reasons To Invest in Stratis in December 2017

12 DEC 2017


This is the first blog post in our news section and before we get started with Stratis, our team would like to thank you for your kind emails related to our launch report from December (you can see it here). It is the greatest motivator for all of us to work hard in 2018.

Each month, we’ll not only present you with an in-depth research (make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet) about one cryptocurrency with a huge potential. We’ll also release a few buy alerts where we show you short-term trade opportunities for quick gains. These posts will be short and sweet, giving you the main reasons for why we believe it’s worth to place a buy order.

Incredible Gains Coming in December

The very first one we’d like to feature is Stratis. Even though it already went up in December, there’s still two big events that we believe, will boost the price significantly.

For starters, they have just released a Beta version of their Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol. This might not be as huge of a milestone as the following ones but it definitely lays a solid cornerstone for future enhancements as well as makes the experience of transferring and storing Stratis more user-friendly. Apart from that it also increases the security and therefore the trust in the whole network.

On the top of that, the full node alpha release is released on 18th of December.

The Full Node alpha release will see Stratis release the first full blockchain implementation in C#, this framework provides a full node with fully modular functionality. This release will introduce the new Stratis Full Node a UI, which will allow users to Stake for the first time using our full node framework

Additionally, Stratis will go live with their ICO platform by the end of this year. Ethereum is currently the most popular platform for ICOs which had an incredible impact on the price (currently trading above $600). When other businesses start launching their ICO using Stratis platform, it will have a great effect on its price.

These three events make us extremely bullish on Stratis in December. The time to get in is now.