End of prelims, start of finals

Which Group 1 team will continue its winning streak?
In Glory County, Jeollanam-do, the 78th National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships were held at the Glory Sports Center, Glory Sports Center Auxiliary Stadium, Beomseong High School Gymnasium, and Hongnong Middle School Gymnasium.

On the 31st, Beomseong High School Gymnasium hosted the final round of the women’s high school qualifiers.

Sunil Women’s High School defeated Beomseong High School 92-57, led by Sung Da-bin’s 29-point explosion, with all nine players on the roster scoring. Sunil Women’s College entered the finals with a 2-1 record (second place in their group). On the other hand, playing on their home court, Beomseong High School finished with a 1-2 record and third place in the group.

In the same group, Onyang Women’s High School and Daejeon Women’s College won the game 84-41 in favor of Onyang Women’s High School. Ryu Ga-hyung led the team with 23 points, while Hwang Hyun-jung (15 points), Yang In-ye (11 points), and Kim So-yul (10 points) added double-digit scoring efforts. Onyang Girls’ High School also had every player on its roster (eight) score. Daejeon Women’s was led by Lee Soo-bin’s 20 points, but Onyang proved to be too much. With three straight wins, Onyang finished first in the group, while Daejeon Women’s finished last in the group with three straight losses.

Cheongju Women’s High School cruised to an 86-32 victory over Chuncheon Women’s High School in the final game of the preliminary round. All players contributed to the scoring, led by Lim Ha-yoon’s double-double of 26 points and 11 rebounds. Chuncheon Girls’ High School was led by Choi Ye-seul’s 15 points and 11 rebounds, but they had to hang their heads. Cheongju Women’s High School advanced to the finals with a 2-1 record in Group B, while Chuncheon Women’s High School finished third in Group B with a 1-0 record.
In the Group B match between Dongju Girls’ High School and Samcheonpo Girls’ High School, Dongju Girls’ High School won 85-54. With three straight wins, Dongju Women’s High School qualified as the top team in the group. Kim Do-yeon led the way with 27 points and 26 rebounds, while Lee Dong-hyun added 20 points. Samcheon Pohang Women’s High School got 25 points from Kwon Min-seo and 17 points from Jeong Gui-an, but ended the tournament with a loss.

In the final Group C preliminary game, Suwon Women’s High School defeated Hwabongo 62-48 to advance to the finals with three wins and first place in the group. Suwon Women’s High School was led by double-doubles from Cho Ju-hee (16 points, 17 rebounds) and Oh Shi-eun (16 points, 15 rebounds). Hwabongo (2-1, Group 2), who were aiming for the top spot in the group, were unable to overcome Suwon Women’s despite 16 points from Kwon Jun-hee and 11 points and 12 rebounds from Kim Sol. 안전놀이터

The other winless team, Sangju Women’s College, played Inseong Women’s College and won 61-57, a four-point victory. After finishing the first quarter with a score of 12-12, Sangju Women’s College took control of the second quarter with a 26-17 lead. Despite a shaky 5-12 start to the third quarter, Sangju Women’s remained focused and recorded their first win of the tournament late in the game.

Meanwhile, Group B and C winners Dongju Women’s High School and Suwon Women’s High School will advance directly to the semifinals, while Group A winner Onyang Women’s High School will open the tournament with Hwabong Women’s High School.

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