Ten Haag envisions the ‘Ferguson era’!… Not 81-year-old Ferguson, but 18-year-old Ferguson.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag is planning the ‘Ferguson era’ next year.

This is not the story of former manager Alex Ferguson, the greatest manager and legend in Manchester United history, who turned 81 this year. This is the ‘Ferguson Era’ centered around Evan Ferguson (Brighton & Hove Albion), an 18-year-old new striker.소닉카지노

England’s ‘Manchester Evening News’ reported, “Coach Ten Haag has set four goals for 2024. These are positions to be strengthened next summer. The plan is to reinforce four players in four positions. Fullback, midfielder, midfielder, and midfielder. “There are four people, including the striker,” the report said.

According to this media outlet, the players Ten Haag is considering are Leverkusen ‘duo’ Jeremy Frimpong and Edmond Tapsova as defensive resources. The midfielder is a permanent transfer for Sofiane Amrabat, who is on loan from Fiorentina. In particular, coach Ten Haag considers Amrabat to be Casemiro’s successor.

The key is the striker. The name is Ferguson. He is a new striker who received global attention by scoring a hat trick in a match against Newcastle in the 4th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-24 season. It has been reported that Manchester United has expressed its intention to sign Ferguson even if it requires spending a large transfer fee.

The media said, “Manchester United spent 72 million pounds (112.4 billion won) to sign Rasmus Høirun last summer, but manager Ten Haag wants another top-class goalscorer due to the uncertainty surrounding several attacking options.” .

In fact, Manchester United’s attacking options, including the underperforming Anthony Martial, Jadon Sancho, who caused a protest, and Anthony, who was involved in dating violence, are causing controversy one after another.

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