31G, 1 goal’ worst performance → Supported despite tears… “It will feel like a new signing.

If he gets his mind together, it will feel like another signing.”

Richarlison (26, Tottenham) confessed the reason for his recent poor performance. Although public criticism towards him was strong before, there are still people who have faith in him.

Football expert Darren Ambrose, who played for many teams including Crystal Palace in the past, said through British Talk Sports on the 14th (Korean time), “We already talked about Richarlison. “The next 6 to 8 weeks will be a huge period for him,” he said.

Richarli Song is assessed to have performed very poorly at his team, Tottenham. Richarlison, who wore the Tottenham uniform last summer, appeared in 27 English Premier League (EPL) games in the 2022-23 season, switching between starting and replacing, and scored only one goal. Tottenham’s sluggish performance became even more noticeable because they spent 58 million pounds (96 billion won), the second-highest amount in the club’s history, to have him. 

The beginning of this season is not much different. As ‘main gun’ Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) left the team, attention was focused on Richarlison, who did not hit the net once in 4 games. His struggles with his team carried over to his national team. Richarlison, who was called up to the Brazilian national team during the September international match, played in two games, but was silent. 소닉카지노

In the end, he was even captured crying on the bench after being substituted during the match against Bolivia (5-1 win) held on the 9th. Richarlison said, “We have been through a period of upheaval off the pitch over the past five months,” and added, “Now everything is back to normal. Those who only cared about my money left. “Things will go well again and I will achieve good results again at Tottenham,” he said.

He did not specify what the problem was. According to Brazilian media outlet Globu, Richarli Song recently parted ways with his agent, who had been with him since the beginning of his career. Richarlison returned to England and announced that he would undergo psychological treatment.

Richarlison’s heartbreaking confession raises voices of support. Football expert Ambrose said: “If he can get his mind together and put his boots on and score goals again, he will feel like another signing. “I am confident that if Tottenham coach Angie Postekoglu motivates him, he will be able to bounce back,” he said.

British media The Boot Room also said, “We have already seen how effective he was when he played for Everton. “I hope Richarli Song shows his best form once again at Tottenham.” 

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