Colorless and odorless’, ‘remote work’… How should we view the controversial director Klinsmann?

He is a world-class striker whose entire body is a weapon.

Benzema starts off as a top player with his instinctive goal-making ability.

was 0-0 in the 27th minute of the second half.메이저놀이터

With a cross coming and the defense scrambling, Benzema scores in an instant.

It was an amazing goal where I instinctively put my knee on the ball that bounced off the defense.

With this goal, Al Ittihad takes sole lead in the league.


This time we are going to the PGA Tour.

Kim Seong-hyeon, the second shot landed in the back… Huh? uh? This is just sucked in.

Thanks to a fantastic shot eagle, I got off to a good start on the first day with a solo 2nd place.

He has been the top player so far.

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