How to score a goal in heavy rain

Pro Football K League 1 Gangwon defeated Jeonbuk in enemy territory and moved out of last place.

Gangwon Kim Dae-won will show you the secret to scoring goals even in heavy rain.

The soccer field is almost on the verge of becoming a sea of ​​water.

The ball exchanged with the opponent stops due to water, but an exquisite cross is still made.

After winning the ball, Kim Dae-won’s right-footed shot hits the Jeonbuk defender’s leg and goes into the goal.

The rain is so refracted that you can’t even see where it came from. Gangwon’s key goal came out like this.

Let’s take a look at the true scenery that emerged from the water at the end of the game.

Jeonbuk players pushed away water on the grass with their hands to check where penalty kicks would be taken. Gangwon beat Jeonbuk 3-1 and escaped last place.안전놀이터

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