Beyond Lotte, with the discovery of Korean baseball… Nineteen-year-old Kim Tae-gyun – twenty-year-old Lee Dae-ho and Yoon Dong-hee

It does not stop at ‘discovering the Lotte Giants’. Even in the history of the KBO League, the appearance of a young gun like Yoon Dong-hee (20) was rare.메이저놀이터

Yoon Dong-hee decorated a page in the history of Lotte Club. He reported his first triple-digit hit in his debut against the Changwon NC Dinos on the 10th. In the 42-year history of the club, Dong-hee Yoon (19 years, 12 months, 3 days old at the time of achievement) was the first hitter under the age of 20 to have triple-digit hits in a season. . The club’s all-time leading hitters such as Kim Joo-chan (2001, 94 hits), Lee Dae-ho (2002, 71 hits), Kim Min-jae (1993), Son Ah-seop (2008, 66 hits), and Kang Min-ho (2005, 52 hits) It is a record that was never achieved.

In the 42-year history of the KBO League, including this season, there were a total of 18 batters under the age of 20 who hit triple digits in a season before Dong-hee Yoon. Yoon Dong-hee stands at a starting point ahead of not only the club but also the league’s leading star players. It is comparable to Kim Tae-gyun (82 hits) when he won the Rookie of the Year award in 2001, as well as the under-20 season of Jang Seong-ho (1997, 84 hits) during his second year as a pro, who laid the foundation for achieving 2,000 hits in the future.

Dong-hee Yoon said, “I knew (about achieving the record), but I am happy to think that I have made a mark in our team’s history.” He added, “Thoughts are important.” He usually gets negative thoughts when things don’t go well, but he felt it was unnecessary during this year’s exhibition game. He tried to force himself to think positively. “Before, if I couldn’t get even one hit, I would blame myself and worry, thinking, ‘Why didn’t I get it?’ But now, I think differently and think, ‘Even if I can’t get one hit today, I can hit two tomorrow,’ and I have more energy,” he said.

It is often said that ‘there is a cycle to batting,’ but Dong-hee Yoon is determined that there should always be no difference in results regardless of the condition. He said, “How can I be in good condition every day? Even if you set goals every day, there are many times when you cannot achieve them. At times like that, I think, ‘I feel like my condition is worse than usual today, so I should try this.’” He continued, “Of course, the worse the condition, the more likely there are to be missed or hit balls. Still, if you hit the ball where you intended, you’ve achieved the goal you set that day. “If you think like that, you can be less stressed,” he added.

The goal set by Dong-hee Yoon is to achieve 120 hits. He had his 103rd hit of the season before the Daegu Samsung Lions on the 17th. Considering the frequency of appearances this season, the number of hits per at-bat, etc., he can easily hit 120 hits by simple calculation. When achieved, it will surpass Jeong Seong-hoon (2000, 119 hits), Kim Hye-seong (2018, 116 hits), Lee Yong-gyu (2005, 110 hits), and Choi Jeong (2007, 109 hits).

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