How To Profit From a $40+ Billion Industry With Edgeless

14 DEC 2017

Introduction To Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is estimated to be worth over 47 billion dollars in 2017. And each year, it’s getting bigger and bigger. Running an online casino is an extremely profitable business, however, getting new visitors is a major obstacle. The simple reason being is that most online casinos are highly limited when it comes to advertising. Some countries banned any form of advertising for the gambling industry. That’s not the only struggle of this market. It also faces problems like transparency and decentralization which is where Edgeless comes in handy.

Revolutionizing Online Casino With Blockchain Technology

What Edgeless aims at is attracting new customers by offering a 0% house tax (which is unheard of in this industry) as well as running their casino on the blockchain to make it decentralized and fully transparent. There are several other benefits of utilizing blockchain in online gambling such as players’ anonymity, lower entry barrier as well as instant money deposits and withdraws.

This month, they’re going to get a casino license according to their recent newsletter. This is an essential milestone for this project and the reason for this buy alert.

Even though the license process took some time, our license providers finally assured us that we should receive the license until the end of 2017! Therefore, the end of this year will be great for the entire Edgeless project.

Amazing Opportunity This Month

Currently, EDG is trading at around $1.50. Once they officially get their license, we believe that the price will go up significantly. It could happen any day this month which is why it’s the perfect time to make an investment.

This is a last-minute opportunity to invest in this project before they reach this huge milestone and the price goes up massively.