How to Profit from the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

15 JAN 2018

Does artificial intelligence (AI) still seem like a distant future rather than something you face on a regular basis? In reality, we interact with AI while performing a lot of ordinary tasks. For example, if you’re asking Siri or Google Now for the nearest Chinese restaurant, it’s the AI that helps these tools give you the best possible directions.

Another instance of AI usage would be computing power in strategic games such as chess or the popular Asian game Go. The recent breakthrough achieved by Google’s company allowed it to beat the number one GO player in the world – something a computer has never done before. Go isn’t the only field where AI shines – by the end of 2017 it has also beaten the world’s best chess engine – Stockfish.

Classical board games are not where AI stops – back in August 2017 it has also gained victory over the world’s best Dota 2 player (Dota 2 is one of the most popular Real Time Strategy games). All of these victories show that AI is able to develop something better than human intuition – a milestone that still is virtually impossible for classical algorithms. This only proves that we are standing literally on the brink of a new era, one marked by the dominance of artificial intelligence and the potential that comes with it.

There are several other examples of how AI is already implemented in today’s world. There’s no doubt that trend is only going to grow. It’s an extremely promising field that’s already revolutionizing our lives.

Evolving the AI Ecosystem with Bottos

In order to make artificial intelligence more effective, we need plenty of affordable and high-quality data. At the moment, however, only big AI development companies can access it. Smaller businesses, projects as well as schools can’t compete and be part of the AI future. This is where Bottos changes things.

Bottos is working on a platform that can be used by any AI project to acquire, share and process big data in an inexpensive way using BTO tokens. Users can request new assets as well as monetize their existing assets on the marketplace. The data is verified by other members and rated using the internal ranking system.

Why We’re Investing Today

During the ICO in December 2017, Bottos could be purchased at $0.11 per token. It has already hit over $0.50 and is currently trading at around $0.30. With launches coming in March (test network) and May (main network) and NEO’s Chief Marketing Officer (Tingting Wang) on board, we believe Bottos is going to move up in the rankings massively. Add the fact that they’re only listed on 3 exchanges with being the biggest one (currently ranked at #24 based on 24h volume) and you’ve got a winner.

BTO is a not a short-term trade, but we’re convinced that this project is worth a few months of holding considering that it’s still flying under the radar.