How To Profit from the Matchmaking Industry With Guppy (GUP)

10 JAN 2018

After two of our successful short-term recommendations of STRAT (recommended at $9.89 with 110% gain) and EDG (recommended at $1.41 with a 150% gain), we’d like to bring you another opportunity to invest in this month.

Introduction to the Matchmaking Industry

It is fair to say that online dating apps like Tinder completely revolutionised the way people meet each other nowadays. In most major cities of the Western world, you could go on a date without having any social circle in that particular area. But apps like Tinder are not just about bringing two strangers together. In fact, they have an impact on the economy.

According to research released by TSB, dating boosts the UK economy by £14.5bn ($19.6bn) each year.

Love it or hate it, dating boosts the UK economy by £14.5bn each year with the popularity of dating apps swiping almost a third (£11.7bn ) of this figure, according to new research for TSB3.

Dating apps have been ‘swiping’ almost 17 million singletons off their feet — creating 14% of all current relationships. Tinder is the most popular app (55% of Brits have used it) followed by Plenty of Fish (41%). But while most ‘app daters’ actively use two apps, the majority (58%) of Brits have had more dates resulting from offline encounters than online over the last 12 months. Half (50%) of Brits met potential love interests through friends, 42% through chance encounters on nights out and 32% indulge in office romances — compared with 33% connecting via apps.

One of the reasons for such a popularity of matchmaking apps (not just Tinder but also services like Uber and AirBnb) is the increasing demand for smartphones. And this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Just over 36 percent of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10 percent in 2011.

The Potential of Matchmaking

What we’d like to present to you today is a cryptocurrency which takes the idea of online matchmaking and expands it into other fields of our lives.

This market is already far larger than you might have previously thought. Consider sites like Uber or Airbnb as matchmakers. Uber matches a driver with a rider and Airbnb matches a host with a guest. And there are many more viable applications for it. Just think about any human interaction that requires some kind of service and value exchange. It could be anything from private education, through a hairdresser to medical professionals.

To ensure that each side has a positive experience, matchmaking companies use some kind of a measurement system to rank users – like reputation. This is what Matchpool capitalizes on.

Where Is Guppy in the Picture?

Guppy (GUP) is the payment method inside Matchpool – an app dedicated to matching people across all the different kinds of services’ industries.

Anyone can create a match pool and apply his own rules to it. If along the way as the match pool owner you decide to monetize it, you can charge using Guppy as the currency.

Why We’re Investing Today

Matchpool has got several events lined up in January. First of all, they have an Airdrop happening on 15th of Jan. On the top of that, they have two product launches on 18th and 22nd of this month. Last but not least, they’re holding a marketing competition on the 25th of Jan. We believe that this will gather a lot more attention to the Matchpool project and have a positive impact on the price of their Guppy (GUP) token.