Origin Trail (TRAC): The Biggest Fortunes Are Made Where the Crowds Are Sleeping

Published: 7 Mar 2018 | Updated: 16th February 2019

OriginTrail creates a first of its kind blockchain agnostic protocol which allows integration with other protocols like ETH/NEO and VEN/MOD tokens to speak with each other. Combined with the ability for companies and 3rd parties to create dapps based on its own protocol, we see a huge potential to invest in this new ecosystem as it remains, for the moment, under the radar.


It’s breakfast time, and you and your family are seriously hungry.

“Let’s make omelettes!” you suggest.

Your family is ecstatic.

You open the fridge, and take a glance at the shelves.

No eggs..

You kneel down to take a better look.

Damn it. Definitely no eggs.

“Just run to the store to buy some!” your family suggests.

This should be easy enough, right?

Not quite.

You head to your local grocery store and go straight to the dairy section where you find an overwhelming number of egg options to choose from.

“Free range eggs, cage-free eggs, large eggs, extra large eggs, jumbo eggs…

What on earth does all of this mean”? I just want eggs!’

In a hurry, you pick up the cheapest eggs on sale. This will do!

You get home and are eager to start making omelettes.

But your spouse is not happy.

“What are these? Why didn’t you buy cage-free eggs!” he or she remarks snidely.

“Why does it even matter! They’re just eggs!” you snap back.

And we’re not going to detail this argument any further…

The point is there are a lot of options available because of an ever increasing demandplaced on a product’s origin. People want to know where their food came from.

Are these eggs free-range or caged? Were the chickens fed with proper fodder? Was the fodder organic or treated with pesticide?

But the companies selling these goods don’t always make it clear. And sometimes they can be downright misleading.

Think about yoghurt. There are varieties that claim to be sugar free but add artificial sweetener instead or may have natural sugar but use artificial flavours. How is the average consumer meant to make a decision that is right for them with all this ambiguity?

Apple products do something similar.

When you open your brand new iPhone, you’re greeted with a pamphlet that reads ‘Designed by Apple in California’. This is to evoke a sense of patriotism and pride among purchasers – many of them will even assume that it means the product itself was created in California.

But as we know, Apple products are not made in California. They are made in Chinese sweatshops.

It’s clear that consumers are willing to base part or all of their purchasing decisions on a product’s origin – but that is very hard to do when there is no clear cut place to find this information and there are marketing teams all over the world trying to mislead you.

That’s where OriginTrail comes in.

OriginTrail Gives Us Transparency

Imagine if you could go anywhere in the world and have the assurance that the products you’re buying are just as trustworthy as the products from a farmer ‘next door’.

OriginTrail is harnessing the power of blockchain to make this happen.

Their technology will help players like Walmart penetrate foreign markets and gain trust inlocal communities by proving the quality and integrity of their products.

The tech is already here and we have a unique opportunity to invest in this new, emerging ecosystem.

But first, let’s take a look at why transparency is so important?

Transparency Can Make Companies Billions

By prioritizing full product transparency, brands have an opportunity to acquire newcustomers and more importantly, keep them.

OriginTrail brings this solution to the table in a way that allows big players like Walmart to gain trust among foreign customers found in places like China.

And what happens when companies are able to quickly boost the trust level of theirproducts?

They get more customers.

And what happens when companies get more customers?

They make more money.

Lots of it.

Every company is going to want to provide transparency once they fully realize its potential.Just like it is unimaginable today for a company to not have a website, we believe OriginTrail is the next big thing that companies will see as a must-have.

Grocers, shoe manufacturers, fast food restaurants, technology companies, the list goes on. Use of OriginTrail has the potential to create a competitive advantage for almost any kind of business.

This tech is groundbreaking. And you can be a part of it, invested, before anyone else.

The product transparency approach has proven to boost sales of food companies all over the world.

Take for example gluten free products.

Does that phrase sound familiar?

In the past few years we’ve observed a waterfall of products labelled with gluten free stickers. And the trend continues to grow.

Do you think celiac disease (a disease where the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten) has suddenly spread like a virus?

No. The number of people suffering from celiac disease is still low – it affects around 1% of the American population and numbers are similar in proportion in other parts of theworld.

So, what changed?

Consumer awareness.

More and more people have adapted the perception that gluten free products are healthier than their gluten heavy counterparts. Even people that don’t have celiac disease.

Companies have noticed a huge boost in sales for these products – putting a gluten free label on a product is an easy way to win consumer trust and create a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.
OriginTrail takes this advantage and makes it work in the most effective way possible by taking the transparency concept to the next level. It’s easy to see from this example, which is just one among many, that companies who use their technology will stay ahead of the game.

It’s a no brainer that staying ahead of the game is the famous ‘to be or not to be’ fate when it comes to the success of many businesses.

Once companies fully understand the potential of supply chain transparency we can expect massive amounts of money to be thrown at OriginTrail.

And you, dear readers, are being given this incredible opportunity to invest in this emerging model before it hits the mainstream.

Solution to a Real Life Problem

In the crypto world there are two kinds of projects: ones that allege to solve problems and the ones that actually do.

OriginTrail definitely belongs to the latter group.

In fact, it is already being used in over 25 thousand different trails.

But why is it such a big deal? Let’s take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

It is our deepest belief that the crypto world, aside from being an incredible investing opportunity, is primarily a world-changing tool.

In our previous issue we described Power Ledger. What made us so certain about the success of this project is that it solves a burning problem that was here long before crypto.

In Power’s case it was cutting out the middleman from the electricity ecosystem. It has already managed to prove itself useful. It is, in a sense, a tool that is able to hold its ground outside of the crypto world. Heck, some of the participants in their ecosystem are not even aware that it is based on a cryptocurrency.

We can make a similar case for OriginTrail.

The primary use for OriginTrail is obviously tracking the roots of any given product. Justimagine casually going to the grocery store and deciding to buy the products produced by your local farmers. In fact, you can already do that today.

If you happen to live in a country where one of the over 25,000 trails is implemented (like Slovenia) you can just grab your phone, download the app and check out information on your everyday groceries.

The app is so user friendly that you can see all the functionalities without any knowledge of the Slovenian language.

origintrail app screenshot

The transparency enables you to track the route of your food, as well as see a detailed ingredients list, the farmers (as well as their location) involved in the production of the food, and much more. This in effect, increases the trust you put in the final product.

This type of transparency outputs information to users like a well-oiled machine, with OriginTrail acting as the oil to keep everything running smoothly.

Right now you might be thinking ‘You can’t seriously expect me to check out the origin of every single product I buy? Not only would that take ages but the regulations in virtually the entire West are so demanding that it probably wouldn’t change the everyday groceries I buy anyway.’

That’s actually a reasonable point.

It is true that in a well-developed country it’s very difficult to buy a product that isn’t safe for consumption. Everything is double and triple-checked for safety. But, like we said, that’s only true for Western countries. Let’s talk China.

China is controversial when it comes to crypto. It seems like every week we see an article about them banning and then allowing Bitcoin trading. But crypto isn’t the only thing in China experiencing serious controversy. Chinese food is getting quite a bit of negative news as well.

In the last few years there have been some major scandals in and around the Chinese nutritional industry. Most of us either don’t pay much attention to this kind of headlines or are not interested because it doesn’t affect us.

But bear with us a moment while we briefly shed some light on this topic.

Just last month, according to The Telegraph, some reports and photographs surfaced that showed meat literally glowing in the dark. There is a suspicion that it might have been caused by bacteria.

Although the Shanghai Health Supervision Department said that the pork could have been eaten safe if well-cooked, we would still prefer to eat pork that isn’t necessarily going to create a night-club in our gut.

Miss Chen holding her glowing pork, Shanghai 2011. Not photoshopped

Turns out eating a little phosphorescent bacteria might be the better option when faced with polluting yourself with heavy metals – mostly Cadmium, among others – which recent research claimed is present in up to 10% of the rice sold in China. But keep in mind that this 10% is not even across the board – in some of the southern provinces, as much as 60% of these samples were contaminated. That’s insane!

As you can imagine, such an unregulated system is like trying to transport water in a bucket full of holes. There are more losses than gains, and the losses can cause immense consequences when you are in desperate need of water. Unfortunately, it is those who have the least power to look out for themselves who pay the highest price. Those who we’re biologically programmed to protect, to even give our lives for.

In 2008, 300,000 babies in China were left sick after consuming infant formula contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. In effect, six died.

Due to the reasons described above OriginTrail is actively seeking cooperation among other stakeholders in the business. One of them being Yimishiji – an online farmers’ market in China.

Together they’ve developed the Yumitsu pilot program, which demonstrates one of many examples of OriginTrail’s tracking technology being put into action. Their purpose is simple: develop and improve food-tracking systems, so stories like the one above never have to happen again.

By implementing OriginTrail technology into the purchasing experience, stores can giveusers the ability to quickly check all the information about a product with a single mouseclick, removing the fear of the unknown with products they buy on a regular basis or want to try for the first time.

Like we said in the beginning, there are numerous projects that only allege to solve something or even artificially create problems only to justify their existence. As a consequence, they have little chance of long-term success.

On the other hand, OriginTrail, takes full advantage of the tool that blockchain is, thereby ensuring not only its survival but also prosperity. The real world problem that OriginTrail solves was already here before the existence of crypto. That’s why they created their app before launching their tokens.

In our eyes, they stand out by going beyond the volatile crypto world to prove the necessity of transparency in a consumer experience. They revolutionize everyday processes in such a drastic way that going back to the old ways would be unimaginable.

The Great Chicken Shortage

We have made it clear that China has some big food problems. And we truly believe that OriginTrail is going to be a big part of the solution.

As a result, we’re going to buy-in now before the Chinese adoption kicks off.

But what about Western countries? What about countries like the USA, Australia or the UK? Is transparency adoption even needed in these places? After all, they don’t seem to be dealing with major food issues like China. Or are they?

Have you seen KFC in the news lately? If you wanted to go to KFC in the past few days in Great Britain you would have had a very hard time getting your hands on their crispy chicken and salty-but-delicious fries. That’s because on February 19th (a mere two weeks ago), KFC temporarily closed 800 out of roughly 900 locations in the UK. This occurred due to a recent switch to a cheaper delivery contractor.

Up until recently KFC got its chicken delivered by Bidvest, a company with years of experience. To save money, KFC decided to switch to DHL. Now, due to not-so-specific “operational issues”, they are facing a chicken shortage thanks to DHL not delivering the required amount of chicken to their restaurants.

Obviously, this issue could have (and should have) been avoided.

The whole KFC drama is a great real-life example of the consequences any company can face due to a single point of failure in the supply chain.

According to the BBC, KFC ended up losing roughly one million pounds (1.4 million dollars) during this fiasco. That’s some real money that might have been saved if there was more transparency.

After all, transparency leads to efficiency which eventually leads to more profits.

Cases like this show that adapting transparency as a solution to better business practises will not only be big in Chinese markets, but also in Western and European ones.

The Time to Buy Is Now

There are plenty of sexy sounding projects in the blockchain world.

Nexus Earth is creating a decentralized network with satellites in space.

Basic Attention Token disturbs the current state of digital advertising.

Power Ledger is reinventing the electricity industry as we know it.

And OriginTrail? Well, they’re revolutionising the way that supply chains work… Hmm.

Admittedly, OriginTrail’s value proposition is not as sexy sounding as many other cryptocurrencies.

But here’s a little tip about investing. If you’re going to remember one sentence from this newsletter, this is the sentence to remember.

The biggest fortunes are made where the crowds are sleeping.

That’s right: just because it doesn’t sound sexy, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

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Protocols, data transfers, algorithms, system infrastructure and supply chains. Those things are typically reserved for nerds, right?

Let’s Go Back in Time for a Second

It was 1995 when Larry Page was considering Stanford University as his next careerstep. Sergey Brin who was already studying there was given a job to show Larry around. From what most people said, these two disagreed on pretty much everything when they first met. In spite of the initial friction, they became partners the following year.

Little did they know, they were about to start one of the most powerful companies of our time, Google.

After catching some interest from the university world as well as Silicon Valley, Larry and Sergey soon received their first cheque. It was August 1998 when Andy Bechtolsheim gave birth to Google Inc. by investing $100,000 in the company.

And we all know about the behemoth status of Google now. Just to be clear, we’re not advising you, our readers to invest in Google right now. At London Letter, we look for undervalued projects. Obviously, Google does not fit the bill.

You know what the funniest thing is though?

Even if we went back in time, most of us probably wouldn’t have had the stomach to pull out our check books and invest in Google.

That’s because back in the day there were hundreds of companies popping up around the dot com boom era and it was hard to spot a long-term winner.

Investors in the crypto space are facing the same situation. Who’s going to survive longterm?

Imagine, if you were allowed to only ever register one account on the Internet, what would it be?

For us, the answer is simple: a Google Account.

The list of Google’s amazing products is just endless. Whether you’re after an email address, a web browser, cloud storage, search engine, maps, video sharing platform, smartphone OS, office software, Google has it all and much more.

The reason why Google emerged as one of the most trusted and biggest brands of human history is the ecosystem they’ve created over the years.

What’s special about their ecosystem is the interoperability between different platforms which they own and facilitate to 3rd party companies and individuals.

How does all of this apply to the OriginTrail project?

OriginTrail applies a similar ecosystem approach by providing fundamentals which other companies can use and adapt on their own.

Google’s platforms spectacularly solve a bunch of different business problems so that companies can rely on them instead of having their own custom-built solutions. Being the environment that others grow on and integrate with is the secret sauce behind Google’s impressive revenue and market share.

Google has managed to create a set of rules and protocols that keep the ecosystem open, which in the end makes hundreds of millions of people want to ‘stick around’.

OriginTrail creates a unified ecosystem which enables an easy flow of data on the supply chain between different organisations. Because of the standarised nature of their solution, companies involved in various steps of the production process can share and exchange their information within a standarised environment.

A similar unified environment is what earned Google its dominance and popularity.

Today, the old school Wall Street investors with big pockets already possess the knowledge that the biggest gains are made upon fundamentals of the emerging ecosystems.

Fundamentals make money. Even when they’re not sexy.

That’s why we are so bullish on this investment.


If you compared a crypto project to a ship, then OriginTrail is an aircraft carrier which has solid fundamentals you expect. With Tomaž Levak as the captain (sorry, it sounds way cooler than CEO) the crew of 15 is on a set mission to solve a real world problem and has the capability to reach any destination with its aircraft on board.

Many vessels chart their course based on the ever-changing crypto world. Much like cruise ships, they are motivated to stop in every popular harbour along the way. Monetary benefits chart their path which can often cause them to go off course all together and become lost at sea, never reaching their final destination.

OriginTrail is different. Their course remains set with a clear itinerary, roadmap, and final destination to help keep them on track. And if there’s too much fog on the horizon or a storm approaching, their amazing advisors are there to help.

With John G. Keogh (former Global Director Product & Consumer Safety at GS1 Global Office) guiding the crew and voyagers, there’s no doubt we can survive the scary waves of fear and doubt.

For many people, the biggest nightmare of the crypto world is picking the next Titanic. Nobody wants to tank in the middle of nowhere while they were promised the moon, literally.

Knowing what is at stake, we want our passengers to have a safe and fruitful journey and right now, there’s no better way to arrive safely at the final destination than crossing the ocean with OriginTrail.

Though many ships may have to take alternate routes or face longer journey times due to their inability to navigate treacherous waters, OriginTrail’s team is constantly making contact with the weather bureau of the business and politics world so that their connections help them safely navigate any storm that may come their way.

They’ve already come quite a long way on this journey. Just take a look at the pictures below where you can see OriginTrail winning the Walmart Food Safety Spark Award and stealing the hearts of the EU commissioners.

Co-founder Žiga Drev introducing OriginTrail to an audience of Walmart executives, food safety experts and supply chain companies.

Tomasz Levak Origin Trail European Parlament

Tomaž Levak Co-founder & CEO speaking at European Parlament about OriginTrail platform.

Why We Are Buying Today

We see OriginTrail as one of those rare opportunities that offer a truly amazing journey all over the world. It still hasn’t hit the mainstream, which is why you can purchase your tickets so cheaply.

The coin still trades on a few small exchanges presenting an amazing opportunity to stock up at a bargain price and move to a safe wallet. It’s only been eight weeks since the ICO, which is another reason why most travellers haven’t booked yet.

Last but not least, we still haven’t fully recovered from the crypto storm that began in January this year. Though the crypto market dropped in a short period of time, it has already shown strong signs of recovery, creating a window of opportunity for investors to buy in at a significantly lower rate.

OriginTrail has already proven itself seaworthy and is charting a clear course in the sea of crypto opportunity. There are two ways to get on board this stealth aircraft carrier. You can go the first class route and pay full price by hiring a private jet to land you there or you can take advantage of our travel hacks and still board the ship at a fraction of the price.

And if you’re patient enough and follow our recommendations, you’ll eventually become the person who can afford the private jet for your first class travel plans.

Consider this the final boarding call. OriginTrail will soon set sail for unchartered waters to revolutionize the way we buy food. The only question left to ask is will you be on board for this epic journey? We certainly hope so!

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